Barnardo’s - The Big Toddle


The Barnardo’s Big Toddle is Barnardo’s flagship fundraising product. A sponsored walk for under 5’s, The Big Toddle has captured and largely retained the nursery audience and has been the biggest (and best!) mass participation event in the sector for under 5’s for nearly 20 years.

The event has previously enjoyed an increase in both participation numbers and income for many years since its conception in 1997 however the product has since steadily declined in both registration, participation numbers and gross income.  The decline has plateaued recently but the event took another hit in 2016 with the product’s reliance on telemarketing leaving it negatively impacted by the 2015 events and changing to environment.

The brief

Barnardos needed a creative, innovative agency with experience working on existing and new mass participation events to help Big Toddle with a much needed refresh and new strategic direction.

We needed to refresh the existing proposition, support with creative development and help with strategic marketing to ensure we are contacting the right audiences at the right time via the right channels.

The work

Having worked through the many years of Big Toddle insights and creative, we realised the need to simplify the proposition, stripping the product back to basics, telling the audience exactly what The Big Toddle actually is; The biggest sponsored walk for under 5’s.

One of the largest insights from parents is they constantly feel overwhelmed with the requests from nurseries, so ease was at the heart of everything we did including the theme; Colour.  Children can wear anything as long as it is bright!

Strategically we developed different marketing strategies for both B2C (organisations) & B2B (Individuals) audiences, retaining the focus on nurseries and child minding groups where value is higher. We also developed a detailed segmented stewardship communication plan taking the audiences on a journey with us, providing added value to motivate them in organising an event and raising money.

A media plan was also created with an emphasis on measurement & data – in order to grow we need to understand different audiences and improve the customer journeys in a fluid process.


The Big Toddle week is being held between 18 – 24th June

Elements to the campaign

Strengthening the Proposition

Creative Development

Strategic customer journey development

Photo Shoot

Website consultation / review

Social Media Strategy including content plan throughout the campaign

Media Plan (On & Offline)

Creative Assets

Master adverts
Online Display ads
Paid social posts – acquisition
Paid social posts – stewardship
Organic social ads
Email Copy – acquisition
Email Copy – stewardship