Race for Life


The marketing team at Cancer Research UK recently approached us to develop an innovative new gym toolkit to help promote their famous Race for Life events.
The idea was to work with gyms across the UK so that they could help promote the flagship fundraiser, by tapping into a market of already active women, and encouraging them to sign up for the event.
We created a promotional poster, a wall chart for sign ups and also an editable presentation document to help the charity’s regional teams share the idea with gym managers.
We wanted the creative to work ambiently within the gym environment, so we came up with lots of humorous workout-related headlines to inspire and engage potential participants. The project also needed to capture the essence of the Race for Life tone of voice, creating a sense of challenge and team spirit.
Working within a clear set of brand guidelines, we put together a whole load of ideas which we’re hoping the team will keep running with (geddit?) in years to come. Here’s the final result…