St Catherine's Hospice


St Catherine's Hospice rely on funding from the local community to deliver their services, which are free of charge to patients and their families. Historically their Christmas appeals have traditionally been focused on facts; focusing on the services they provide and what they do however fundraising evidence points to successful campaigns focusing on the truth, well told. In other words, emotional stories of why the hospice is important, what difference it makes to those living with a terminal illness and why donors should support them as a result.

The Task

This Christmas, St Catherine's Hospice asked us to deliver an integrated Christmas appeal to raise money for the hospice when donors are typically more generous with the most important message to communicate: “St Catherine's makes a real difference to people living with a terminal illness, and without St Catherine's care and support, people (and those closest to them) would have an even more difficult time in their lives.

What we did

Using a real and recent case study kindly provided by St Catherine's, we used the narrative to make the audience think about the difference that St Catherine's makes to peoples lives. By using a case study we could put a human face behind the ask and use the emotive story to help connect the audience to the cause.

Care is different for every patient so we designed creative to focus on “the little things” that can make a difference, showcasing the tailored offerings St Catherine’s provide their patients on a daily basis.  We were keen to use creative and copy that were different from what you would usually associate from a hospice, keeping the tone upbeat and positive and challenge perceptions of hospice care to a wider audience.

Warm Audiences

An 8pp Self Mailer DM was produced to tell the story in full complete with free post reply slip.
Custom audiences on Facebook also allows us to communicate to this audience.
Posters were designed for local community / companies.

Cold Audiences

As a bolt on to the brief, St Catherine's challenged us to open this ask out to cold audiences who have little or no connection to the charity. St Catherine's already have a successful lottery product which is both low-cost and offers the benefit of potential reward. We recommended adapting the current creative and messaging hierarchy for this audience.

Elements to the campaign

Proposition Development
Creative development
Key Messaging

Creative Assets

8pp DM
Facebook Ads
Bus Posters (Lottery)
Community Posters

Other Services

Facebook ad-set set up
Print delivery