British Heart Foundation runs the largest and most successful network of charity shops in the UK, and they rely on the generosity of the British public to donate the items they sell. Six years ago, they launched ‘Bag it. Beat it’, to encourage the nation to have a clear out and donate during September to help raise funds for heart research.

The challenge

After the resounding success of Killer and BHF’s partnership on Dechox, our ‘no chocolate for March’ mass participation event, the retail team invited us to work on an events proposition to link to their overarching ‘Bag it. Beat it’ campaign.

The strategy

Our challenge was to engage warm audiences from workplaces, corporate partners, community groups, Heath at Work teams and other organisations, by asking them to set up a ‘Bag it. Beat it’ event (or just to donate bags).

Killer put together a full customer journey and strategy, outlining key messaging for different stages in the campaign, and identifying the marketing collateral needed to roll out the project.

The creative

We put a fun and humorous spin on the campaign, by tapping into people’s mindset and how they feel about their unwanted stuff... From the dress that no longer fits, to the Hawaiian shirt they probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place. The tongue-in-cheek approach aimed to raise a few laughs and get the audience thinking: “yup, I’ve got some stuff I could happily part with, and it could go to a good cause”.

The collateral

As part of the campaign roll-out, we produced an event guide, facebook ads, google display ads, posters, leaflets, supporter magazine ads, shop window posters and more.

Killer also planned, designed and built a campaign microsite in just eight weeks. The site allowed event organisers (as well as individual donors) to order branded donation bags online. They could also download promotional materials for their events, upload pictures of their donated items or find their local shop.

The results

2,473 people signed up on the microsite and ordered 35,555 bags. Alongside bags given out by retail shops and through other channels, a total of 1,076,499 bags were then donated during September. With each bag worth up to £20, that’s a lot of money raised!

The client said...

‘We worked with Killer for the first time on our ‘Bag it. Beat it.’ campaign, following the success of DECHOX. We knew we needed something different to really engage people and drive a response. Killer delivered this and more with a focus on simple creative and bold ideas to get cut through and in this case make people laugh out loud. They feel ‘of the moment’ and their energy, account management and speed of delivery are also second to none. We are really looking forward to working with them again.’
Head Of Marketing & Business Development, British Heart Foundation