The Client

British Heart Foundation


Wear it. Beat it. Is the British Heart Foundations flagship fundraising product which is now in its seventh year. This mass participation event’s primary objective is to ask their audience to dress up and wear red and donate to life saving heart research.
Over time the main ask of wearing red had been lost and fundraising activity has diversified and taken on a ‘do anything’ to fundraise approach however there is a concern that this has diluted the product and is a reason for its decline in remittance and participation numbers over the last few years.

The Brief

Killer Creative were assigned to develop an engaging campaign with a clear and focused ask of the fundraiser. We were also asked to redefine the look and feel of the campaign to best suit their target audience and inject creativity and personalisation

The Work

Our aim was to develop a single minded core proposition clearly articulating ‘Wear Red’ as the main ask. We further mapped out messaging to appeal to different audience demographics to provide a greater, personalised appeal.
To reach 2017’s targets we felt it was important to implement a participant journey that ensures sign ups receive the best experience possible from acquisition right through to post event and beyond.  The customer journey was strategically split out into four different sections; Acquisition, Pre event, On the day and Post event. We developed messaging, activities and content to inspire the audience at every stage of the journey, removing the barriers that exist to people hosting and remitting. Wear it Red is held on Friday 9th June