30 Days Wild


The Wildlife Trusts had an existing product, 30 Days Wild, but were looking for ways to make the campaign more engaging, encouraging as many people as possible to participate. The proposition itself has proved successful, but we felt it needed some clarity, helping people to understand why they should get involved, and the benefits.

30 Days Wild challenges people to find nature in their everyday lives, by doing one ‘wild’ thing a day for the month of June.

The work:

Killer provided an analysis of the campaign as it stood, along with suggestions for improvements to the customer journey and advice on how to make the campaign bigger and better, and more focused. We generated strategic ideas for engaging the audience, telling them why they should get involved and providing tactical ideas for how to reach them.

We then made recommendations for the proposition, to encourage people to ‘discover’ wildlife anywhere: in the back garden, local woods, river, beach or city centre. We wanted to create an experience around exploring nature with friends and family.

We also put forward concepts for a revamped creative look and feel, for future consideration, and most excitingly, we delivered the front-end design of an interactive mobile app for the campaign.