Fraser Sim

Brand Manager

Who he?

Fraser Sim

What do

Business Development Manager

Where been

Has 14 years media experience including heading up sales departments for leading media owners, working with the likes of GSK, Vodafone, IBM and the Guardian. Fraser’s also an expert in outdoor and experiential marketing. And no, that doesn’t mean he once ran a fruit stall at Glastonbury.

Why that

“I remember being gobsmacked the first time I saw this ad for Guinness. And I’ve never grown tired of watching it. Brilliantly executed with a great soundtrack, it’s simply the greatest ad of all time. Makes me want a Guinness just thinking about it. So it clearly works too.”

Who cares

A keep-fit afficienado, Fraser has competed in numerous mountain bike races. And broken as many bones as he has bikes. Hilariously, he now regularly competes in triathlons. We suspect he’s got a thing for running in tiny wet speedos. If you get a chance to chat to him, mention the phrase ‘budgie-smugglers’ and see what happens.