Who he?

Rob Alcroft

What do

Chief Operating Officer

Where been

Immense range of experience working across the charitable sector, including 6 years at the NSPCC, 2 years as a consultant as well as Chair of the Institute of Fundraising Strategy Forum. A maths graduate and organisational strategist, expert in identifying commercial opportunities and growth potential for clients.

Why that

I didn’t set out to lose 5 stone, but having trekked, cycled and rafted, climbed mountains and traversed volcanoes across five continents, you can’t help getting into shape. Seeing the world from Annapurna, Ben Nevis and Machu Picchu is pretty good for the soul too. 

Who cares

As the first ever Boy Scout to be registered as a Beaver, it’s hardly surprising Rob went on to conquer some of the world’s legendary mountain ranges. Get him on the subject of legendary movies though and he’s lost. Gone with the Wind? Can’t recollect it. The Sound of Music? Never seen it. Dirty Dancing? Don’t even go there.