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We are a creative, strategic fundraising agency. We bring our commercially proven approach to the UK's most ambitious charities; inventing, producing and taking fundraising products to market.

Our business is built on four pillars of success: insight, proposition, strategy and creative. And with years of experience working on ground-breaking campaigns, we know what it takes to achieve income growth: creative thinking, brutal number crunching and the courage to do things differently.

Starting with the big idea and viability, we've developed some of the most successful fundraising products of all time using our phased project process with controlled risk.

We are ambitious, fearless and hungry for success. So far we've helped raise over £50 million in donations to charities, and we want you to join us on our journey.

“Our mission is to double the amount of money donated to charities by UK citizens"

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Some of our favourite International Women’s Day 2020 c...

International Women’s Day is a globally recognised day to both celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of women throughout history as well as shine a light on the enduring gender inequalities that still exist in...


Is the Charity sector levelling up?

If you haven’t noticed the influx of attention around fundraising through gaming and gamers over the last 6 months or so, where have you been?! It’s official – charities are going wild for gaming, with more and more organisations trying to reach this philanthropic community to generate income.  In...


TV ads on a tight budget

TV advertising definitely has a place in your charity’s marketing strategy, but with high costs and overly-broad targeting options it’s increasingly being cut out of annual marketing plans – if it ever featured at all! There are, however, options out there for affordable and highly-targeted TV advertising… What is...


Our favourite Christmas charity appeals of 2019

Here at Killer, we love a good Xmas ad (in fact Louisa, Senior Account Manager, is OBSESSED with anything ‘Christmas’) but in particular we love to see all of the creative, heartwarming & powerful charity appeals that come out around this time of year.  There are so many good...


What did Killer learn at IFC 2019?

Every year, fundraisers and changemakers from across the globe come together at the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) to share, inspire and collaborate thinking and ideas. With sessions ranging from interactive masterclasses and deep-dive workshops to large-scale plenaries, there’s something for everyone in the charity sector, whatever area they work...


How to advertise on Facebook

key considerations to make your next campaign a success Across all sectors, not only amongst charities, Facebook is a go-to platform for advertising. Whether your campaign is for brand awareness, promoting an event, asking for one-off donations or showcasing your legacy campaign… the successes bring marketers back time and...


From negative opinions to positive promotion

Turning Criticism Into A Statement About Your Brand Let’s be honest – no one likes to be criticised. For brands and organisations this is especially true as it’s not just a case of bruised egos, but the risk of seriously damaging their reputation or even destroying the business.  This...


Power of the people

The Might of Mass Participation 1 person can take a stand. 1,000 people can make a difference. 100,000 people give you a forceful collective movement. Here at Killer we know better than most just how effective Mass Participation events are, how much money they can raise and how easily...


5 ways to be charitable when you don’t have the money

Given the uncertainty that many of us face in this time of economic struggle, it can sometimes be hard to justify giving money to charity when you really don’t have it to give. But...


Love Charity Research

Here at Killer we’ve always believed that there’s a strong link between the way someone feels about a charity and the amount that person is going to engage with that charity. Well, think about it… The more you like someone the more likely you are to listen to them,...


Grimes and WeTransfer collaborate, asking you to make bootle...


More than £3 million raised to save Derek Jarman’s Prospe...


An isolation recipe book from ten food-loving creatives


Five Nicer Tuesdays talks on the theme of community


IKEA, Guinness, VW and Nike encourage social distancing and ...

Many brands are altering their logos to promote social distancing and creating adverts to encourage staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Brands with...


Daily coronavirus architecture and design briefing: 31 March

Daily coronavirus briefing: today's architecture and design coronavirus briefing includes news on Dubai Expo 2020, how Covid-19 hospitals are built, Sam Jacob's design academy and an...


UN and WHO launch Global Call Out To Creatives to make infor...

The United Nations has launched an open competition for creatives to design informative works that accurately communicate public health messages in a bid to...


Daily coronavirus architecture and design briefing: 30 March

Daily coronavirus briefing: today Dezeen is launching a new daily briefing, rounding up news about the coronavirus pandemic that is relevant to the global...


Exhibitions and a book festival go virtual in BBC’s Cultur...

The newly launched 'festival' from the BBC is reviving some of the many cancelled UK cultural events in digital form, alongside the announcement of...


Cartoonist Tom Gauld on drawing the humour out of science

Ahead of the release of his forthcoming book of New Scientist cartoons, Tom Gauld talks to us about his creative process and why he...

Our story

Natalie Joyce

Marketing Manager, Mencap “Not only do we now have a wonderful, inspiring legacy proposition that’s unique to Mencap (i.e. our brief to Killer exactly!) we are delighted to have worked with such a genuinely amazing team at Killer to deliver it. From the quality of the creative vision all the way through to the ad executions and, vitally, their fantastic account management, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Killer and are already looking forward to our next project together.”
660% Increase in new users to the legacy webpages 330% Increase in engaged users to the legacy webpages

Lia Fyles

Race Director, London Landmarks Half Marathon “Selecting Killer Creative to create the visual identity for the London Landmarks Half Marathon is without question one of the best decisions I have made during my 11 years at Tommy’s. The public reaction to the visual identity has exceeded all expectations and has been so successful for us that it has led us to produce a range of LLHM merchandise. The Killer team were creative, engaged, passionate and nothing was too much effort for them. I would highly recommend them as an agency to work with.”
£12m Raised over 2 years 21k Runners over 2 years

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