Creative. Strategic. Fundraising.

We are a creative, strategic fundraising agency. We bring our commercially proven approach to the UK's most ambitious charities; inventing, producing and taking fundraising products to market.

Our business is built on four pillars of success: insight, proposition, strategy and creative. And with years of experience working on ground-breaking campaigns, we know what it takes to achieve income growth: creative thinking, brutal number crunching and the courage to do things differently.

Starting with the big idea and viability, we've developed some of the most successful fundraising products of all time using our phased project process with controlled risk.

We are ambitious, fearless and hungry for success. So far we've helped raise over £30 million in donations to charities, and we want you to join us on our journey.

“Our mission is to double the amount of money donated to charities by UK citizens"

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From negative opinions to positive promotion

Turning Criticism Into A Statement About Your Brand Let’s be honest – no one likes to be criticised. For brands and organisations this is especially true as it’s not just a case of bruised egos, but the risk of seriously damaging their reputation or even destroying the business.  This...


Power of the people

The Might of Mass Participation 1 person can take a stand. 1,000 people can make a difference. 100,000 people give you a forceful collective movement. Here at Killer we know better than most just how effective Mass Participation events are, how much money they can raise and how easily...


5 ways to be charitable when you don’t have the money

Given the uncertainty that many of us face in this time of economic struggle, it can sometimes be hard to justify giving money to charity when you really don’t have it to give. But...


Love Charity Research

Here at Killer we’ve always believed that there’s a strong link between the way someone feels about a charity and the amount that person is going to engage with that charity. Well, think about it… The more you like someone the more likely you are to listen to them,...


Beaming with Pride

Brighton is the home of Killer Creative, the home of art and music, amazing food and for one marvellous weekend a year it’s home to Pride!  Every summer Brighton becomes an adult’s playground. Full of colour, people and diversity. Our city welcomes all and celebrates the UK’s LGBTQ community....


Love Charity Research 2019

Rob Alcroft talks on everything you need to know about how the public really feel about Charities.  Get the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the do’s and the don’ts. Who’s raised their game, who’s taken a dip? We conducted a piece of independent research through YouGov to...


Love Charity Research 2019

Rob Alcroft talks on everything you need to know about how the public really feel about Charities.  Get the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the do’s and the don’ts. Who’s raised their game, who’s taken a dip? We conducted a piece of independent research through YouGov to...


3 Great Campaign Results On The Bounce

At Killer Creative we have a long track record of generating exceptional results for our clients from their mass participation fundraising, whether through products we design from scratch, strategies to refresh an existing product or simply through helping to bring an idea to market and boosting engagement. We’ve seen...


Love Charity’ from Killer Creative. A research initiative

At Killer our mission is to double the amount of money donated to Charites from UK citizens –  from the current .4% of GDP The background to this mission is that we believe the...


Killer’s New Film! Be bold. Be fearless. Be Killer.

Our mission is to double the amount of money donated by UK citizens. At Killer we have the power to influence people through creative and innovative campaigns. Our job is to inspire people to...


Ikea unveils its latest toy creatures based on kids drawings

The Sagoskatt range of soft toys returns for its fifth year, directly inspired by the coloured-pencil creations of children across the globe, featuring Gurki...


Arthur Jafa wins €75,000 PIAC art prize for film tracing A...

Awarded for his film Love is the Message, The Message is Death, Jafa wins the 47th edition of the lofty Prix International d’Art Contemporain...


The design conference masquerading as one huge party: This y...

Think back to the last time you experienced some serious FOMO, or experienced a bloody great time because you were there, at Us By...


Richard Prince’s marijuana brand Katz + Dogg to be distrib...

The artist will sell his product through the cannabis retailer coined the “Apple Store of Weed”, with packaging featuring drawings from Prince’s Hippie Drawings...


Google launches Nest Mini speaker made from recycled plastic

Google has created a fabric using recycled plastic for the latest version of the Nest Mini speaker, which launched today along with an updated...


Richard Hutten to speak about circular design at Dezeen Day

Designer Richard Hutten will speak about design and the circular economy at Dezeen Day in London on 30 October. The Dutch designer, who is...


ArtCenter Viewbook features 40,500 unique modernist-inspired...

US designer Brad Bartlett used an algorithm to give each copy of design school the ArtCenter's prospectus a different cover, playing on the modernist...


“To end plastic pollution, we first need to eliminate ...

Designers' efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their products are being hampered by confusion over terminology and rampant greenwashing, writes Marcus Fairs. Greenwashing...


Beyond air miles: Emirates Airlines rewards customers for en...

The Dubai-based airline is trying to find new, less transactional ways to reward people for their loyalty, as well as engaging customers at the...


NPS, footfall, martech: 5 killer stats to start your week

We arm marketers with all the numbers they need to tackle the week ahead.

Our story

Natalie Joyce

Marketing Manager, Mencap “Not only do we now have a wonderful, inspiring legacy proposition that’s unique to Mencap (i.e. our brief to Killer exactly!) we are delighted to have worked with such a genuinely amazing team at Killer to deliver it. From the quality of the creative vision all the way through to the ad executions and, vitally, their fantastic account management, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Killer and are already looking forward to our next project together.”
660% Increase in new users to the legacy webpages 330% Increase in engaged users to the legacy webpages

Lia Fyles

Race Director, London Landmarks Half Marathon “Selecting Killer Creative to create the visual identity for the London Landmarks Half Marathon is without question one of the best decisions I have made during my 11 years at Tommy’s. The public reaction to the visual identity has exceeded all expectations and has been so successful for us that it has led us to produce a range of LLHM merchandise. The Killer team were creative, engaged, passionate and nothing was too much effort for them. I would highly recommend them as an agency to work with.”
£12m Raised over 2 years 21k Runners over 2 years

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