A Big Well Done to Leah – Fundraiser of the Year 2017

‘Driven’, ‘focussed’, ‘a catalyst for change’, ‘a growth mind set’ are just four comments that have been used within British Heart Foundation in association with Leah. She has had an extraordinary impact within fundraising, not just through what she has delivered, but “how” she has delivered.

Leah led MyMarathon and DECHOX: campaigns that have set a benchmark within mass participation events for their creativity and the digital and supporter experience. They have drawn admiration beyond the doors of Greater London House, and in fact, beyond these shores.

She fought hard to convince stakeholders that a protruding chocolate finger would resonate with and not offend the target audience. A hard ask in an organisation where the typical supporter tends to be older and more conservative. The result, aside from over £900k raised at a remittance rate of 45% in 2016, and the “Give Chocolate the Finger” advert remains the most successful creative in the 2017 campaign.

On top of this, Leah has shown her adaptability and ability to rise to a challenge by leading a root and branch review of BHF’s Fundraising strategy, with dedication, verve and rigour.

Leah is a fundraiser for tomorrow and she is going to be a seriously impressive Fundraising Director in the not too distant future!

What the judges said….

“Leah is a fantastic winner; innovative and driven and clearly had to overcome barriers to get products out. Leah sets standards to which others can aspire.”