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Introducing the “Killer Zoom Room”…

We love working with all our fantastic charity clients to create, launch and run fundraising campaigns. Over the years and through our experienced team, we’ve gained unrivalled insight into the practicalities and nuances of this process; the ingredients for success and pitfalls to avoid.

We’ve recently been harbouring an ambition to share this knowledge wider, outside of the context of individual projects, through a series of workshops and round tables. COVID-19 put our original plans on the backburner, but (in the spirit of continual innovation) also offered up a whole new opportunity.

We know from personal experience that working from home has many benefits, such as freeing up time for personal and professional development. But it can also leave us feeling distanced and vulnerable, taking away opportunities for casual chats with colleagues and supporters.


So, on the back of this, we launched the Killer Zoom Room earlier this month, with our first virtual event hosted on Zoom and focusing on ‘Getting the Greenlight’ for new fundraising products.


We structured the online event in two sections; firstly, we shared some of the knowledge we have gained over the years, talking through our tools, tips, and experience in developing a strong business case for a new idea. The second was an opportunity for all the attendees to engage in a discussion to share their own experiences, advice and challenges in getting project approval within their own organisations.

The event was a success and so inspirational for us. It was terrific to see attendees from a range of different charities take this opportunity to connect, sharing their own tips and comparing their experiences. It was not only an opportunity to develop skills around getting the green light, but also to interact and relate with peers going through similar experiences in an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty.


Post-event, the Zoom Room pioneers gave us great feedback, with words such as ‘inspirational’, ‘insightful’, ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘reassuring’ chosen to describe the session.


The opportunity to interact with fundraisers from other charities, compare different approaches and share advice was particularly enjoyed by attendees. Feedback also told us that more real-life examples and case studies would make it even better – so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

We are currently planning for the next Zoom Room session – “using insights to develop a new fundraising product or campaign” – taking place on Wednesday 8th July. From defining prospective audiences to identifying new opportunity areas, the event will be led by Killer Creative’s Fundraising Director, Sophie High, who will share her tips and tricks for using insights from her almost 12 years working in fundraising innovation.


If you’d like to find out more, sign up for the second event or register interest for a re-run of ‘Getting the Green Light’, please email