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Sophie High

Fundraising Director

Who she?

Sophie High

What do

Fundraising Director

Where Been

Extensive range of industry knowledge with 18 years experience from agency to media owner, from start-up to client-side. Specialist in Fundraising Innovation and Strategy, including 8 years at CRUK leading the delivery of new fundraising ventures. Brought unique insights to the launch of projects such as Dryathlon, Stand Up To Cancer, BBQ, World Cancer Day and Cell Slider.

Why that

“Quite often the first time kids see their music heroes play live, is with a parent. My experience is no different, it’s just that I didn’t get to see my idols, The Violent Femmes, until a few years ago. When I took my Dad.”

Who cares

Since reading sci-fi novel Vurt, Sophie’s been a big fan of feathers – they’re lucky apparently. It’s best to keep good luck charms nearby, so she even got herself inked with two feather tattoos.

The details are decidedly sketchy, but Sophie once found herself sitting on a four-poster bed in Matt Goss’s flat, drinking tea. Might she just have inspired the Bros hit ‘When will I be famous?’ We can’t answer that.