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Zoe Bretton

Account Director

Who that?

Zoë Bretton

What do

Operations Director

Where been

Digital consultant, then Account Director at another Brighton agency working with over 200 local government and charity accounts worldwide. Volunteers for ‘old people’s charity’ (that’s their description, not ours) Independent Age, because she’s nice like that.

Why that

“My earliest memory is of being in the garden with my sister and my mum on a really hot day, painting on huge pieces of paper. I love to paint landscapes and luckily I live right on the beach, so I can paint from my balcony. I’m thinking that my catchphrase should probably be ‘Show Me The Monet?’.”

Who cares

Zoë hates the cold so wears thermals and long johns for most of the year. She’s been known to sit at her desk with a hot water bottle in her lap when the temperature really plummets – say in September (yes, we’re being sarcastic). Zoë’s travelled all over the world and sampled more cuisines than most of us have had – wait, hot dinners doesn’t work here, does it?