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Abstinence Challenges

Abstinence products are big business and can generate millions of pounds in revenue if produced correctly. Fundamentally they are challenge-based products and usually involve giving up a vice of some kind; alcohol, chocolate or sugar to name a few… the stuff we all enjoy; Give it up and get sponsored in exchange for donations or sponsorship. They are a great way to attract new supporters to charities as well re-engage existing and lapsed audiences.

Our tried and tested product development blueprint has led to repeat success: From Dryathlon – the 7th most successful fundraising event of all time – to Dechox, which has steadily grown into a £1m product and after 5 years is still driving 20,000 sign ups.


Our scalable, insight-based approach applies to budgets big and small; Whether you’re looking to create a Minimum Viable Product or a full-scale campaign, we carefully manage every step of the process, from proposition development to targeted media buying and optimised sign-up journeys.


Abstinence challenges provide an opportunity to push the brand, be playful with creative and entice people who might not originally be motivated by the cause. In our experience, the most successful products tap into existing behaviour – like giving up booze in January after Christmas excess, or cutting out chocolate in Spring – during lent and post Easter indulgence. The trick is to tap into people’s needs and motivations through the creative and make the event feel collective and fun, creating warmth towards the brand and driving response.


Starting with acquisition through to post-event communications, we plan and map every element of the supporter experience to ensure we’re providing interesting content that taps into the audience’s mindset and encourages action – whether that’s sharing, raising more funds, keeping going or celebrating their achievement. This regular engagement drives fundraising by reminding supporters what’s in it for them, and how their efforts will make a difference, in turn increasing the amount of money raised.

What our clients say

Clare Moore

Head of Strategic Marketing Communications “The Dryathlon 2013 campaign has gone beyond all our expectations. The tone of voice was spot on and the results are testimony to Killer’s creativity, not to mention their understanding of the core insights of the research document and their memorable interpretation of the brief. It’s a fantastic achievement for a year 0 campaign.”
£4.5m Raised in Year 1 35k Sign ups in Year 1