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Awareness Campaigns

Brand awareness is intrinsically linked to fundraising – it helps evidence the charity’s case for support. By finding an interesting hook and telling a compelling story, you can tap into emotions, build trust and create action. Awareness campaigns can also play a crucial role in ensuring that potential service users find out about the charity and get access to the support they may need but not know they can get.


Awareness campaigns come in many forms, so we always start with a few key questions: What’s our objective? What do we want people to think and feel? And what’s the call to action? For example, it might be that we’re looking to increase brand recognition, encourage sharing, improve warmth towards the charity or drive engagement. It’s also critical to build in a strong call to action so that we can measure response and return on investment.


Our task is to come up with an interesting new hook – a reason for people to stop and pay attention. We drill into audience insight, and work out what will make them tick. We carefully position the messaging depending on the objective e.g. encouraging older people to contact an advice line not by portraying them as pitiful, but by pointing out that no matter how experienced or wise they are, there might still be things they don’t know – as there would be at any stage in their life. Or when it comes to broaching the topic of mental health with teachers, using comedy as our vehicle to bring down barriers and soften the sensitive messaging.


Once we have the big idea, we create and manage every element of the campaign, including targeted digital ads, radio, TV and press. By incorporating clear, trackable calls-to-action, we can monitor exactly how the campaign performs and by optimising campaigns based on real-time results, we ensure you get maximum reach and response for your money – happy days!

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What our clients say

Anand Modha

Community Development Manager “The quality of the creative has always been amazing. They bring an energy to a project, and often take ideas in new, and unexpected directions. They came to our challenge of refreshing and broadening our Day for Change product which has stayed static for 25 years. The look and feel at once met our brand requirements, but also stretched it to an engaging and different look and feel. I’d recommend Killer.”
£445k Raised in Year 1 1.4k Sign ups