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Direct Asks

Events & challenges are great (in fact, it’s what we do most!), but sometimes fundraising can be as simple as telling a compelling story and asking supporters directly for donations: Whether that’s through playing a lottery, leaving a legacy or making a cash or regular donation to the charity. There are a number of ways to champion your cause and increase your fundraising income through direct asks – and we’re here to help you make that happen.


From legacy to lottery and cash appeals, we encourage clients to take a commercial approach when it comes to directly asking supporters for funds. We need to tell supporters why they should care; why it matters and why they should donate right now. Through powerful storytelling we can bring the cause to life and evidence how a supporter’s money will make a real difference. People care about people; so inspirational and compelling case studies are a great way to elaborate and create a connection between the supporter and the beneficiary.


The creative needs to be emotive and urgent – making sure the cause hits home in a way that’s relevant and relatable. Depending on the ask, we tap into desires and enable people to feel good about giving. Whether that’s the hope of winning £1,000 cash playing a lottery, or the sense of wellbeing created by leaving a legacy.


By demonstrating tangible outcomes and finding interesting ways to ask for money, we can create a compelling case and provide strong reasons to give. Through this approach we’ve created test direct mail campaigns that ‘beat the banker’ and driven up legacy landing page use by +660% new users in the first week of a campaign…the results speak for themselves.

What our clients say

Natalie Joyce

Marketing Manager “Not only do we now have a wonderful, inspiring legacy proposition that’s unique to Mencap (i.e. our brief to Killer exactly!) we are delighted to have worked with such a genuinely amazing team at Killer to deliver it. From the quality of the creative vision all the way through to the ad executions and, vitally, their fantastic account management, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Killer and are already looking forward to our next project together.”
660% Increase in new users to the legacy webpages 330% Increase in engaged users to the legacy web pages