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Do your own fundraisers

‘Do it yourself’ fundraising covers a broad mix of self-coordinated events. Usually we’re talking to people with a warm connection to the cause, asking them to host an event to raise funds. From bake sales and coffee mornings to curry nights and pub quizzes, there’s something for everyone! “Another baking product, you say?… really?” Yes, we know they’re everywhere, but they raise over £175m each year across the UK.

When Help for Heroes asked us for help with their existing Bake for Heroes product, we used baking paraphernalia to recreate recognisable and iconic military imagery alongside humorous copy lines to make this campaign totally unique to the charity. Fast forward to the event date, and sign up figures doubled from the previous year… we call that a victory.


DIY Fundraising is a charity portfolio staple, with old-but-good grassroots events like bake sales driving impressive amounts of voluntary income. Supporters are usually driven by personal motivation and passion, so our strategy is to give them what they want: we reach out to people who have been touched by the cause and give them interesting ways to get involved, then provide all of the tools they need for their own event or challenge.


One of the best ways to give a DIY Fundraising product more impact is by creating a clear identity. Depending on the audience, the product and the brand, we might develop a look and feel that’s punchy and amusing, or sensitive and cause-heavy. By producing all associated collateral in a consistent style, we can ensure that individual supporters – whether they’re dressing up, baking or quizzing – feel like they’re part of something bigger, and that every pound they raise will make a difference.


Your audience are driven and ready to help; they’re doing this because they want to make a difference. We make life easy for them by providing useful resources to make their DIY Fundraising a success – whether that’s posters and totalisers that they can display in the workplace, or email signatures that they can use to ask for sponsorship. By supporting them every step of the way, we create even more warmth towards the charity and make fundraising less daunting.

What our clients say

Cassie Warner

Events and Challenges Marketing Manager “Killers approach to Bake for Heroes encapsulated the spirt of the campaign. They understood the brief and delivered a fresh and original approach that was unique to us as a military charity and helped us stand out amongst a number of similar fundraising campaigns.The campaign was further supported with a comprehensive stewardship plan to ensure every participant that took part received a similar supporter journey, no matter when they signed up.”
£153 Average gift 50% New supports