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What we do

Organisational Events

Workplaces, community groups and schools are a core audience for fundraising – they raise millions of pounds every year. By packaging up each ‘ask’ as a product, with the audience’s needs in mind, we can provide a great supporter experience and drive impressive fundraising totals.


Organisational events – whether they’re targeting workplaces, schools or community groups – require a different strategic approach. There’s big money to be made from group fundraising and our logical framework ensures the best chance of success.

There are two fundamentally different audiences to talk to, with different motivations: The organiser and the participants. Whether we’re refreshing a tired product or coming up with something brand new, we find ways to tap into motivations and give audiences all the support they need for a fun, rewarding event.


Whatever the event, our job is to bring it to life and make it feel fresh and interesting. The acquisition creative needs to appeal to the organiser’s interests – whether that’s doing it for the cause, that it’s fun and easy to take part, or that people ‘just like them’ are doing it too. This creative can then be tailored to suit participants – bringing them into the magic of the day and educating them about the cause along the way.


Our first step is to consider where the event is taking place, and what the organisers and participants might want or need to make it stress-free and enjoyable. For example, that might mean providing interesting ways to ask for money, or giving them decorations to help create atmosphere and excitement on the day. We plan, design and deliver cost-effective support materials – from fundraising packs to downloads – so that organisers can raise money and impress their attendees.

What our clients say

Anand Modha

Community Development Manager “The quality of the creative has always been amazing. They bring an energy to a project, and often take ideas in new, and unexpected directions. They came to our challenge of refreshing and broadening our Day for Change product which has stayed static for 25 years. The look and feel at once met our brand requirements, but also stretched it to an engaging and different look and feel. I’d recommend Killer.”
£445k Raised in Year 1 1.4k Sign ups