What we do

Virtual Events

These are self-supported challenges, such as walking or running a set distance, over a given time period. This might be a week, a month or a season.  The level of challenge can be adapted to suit the audience – from total beginners to fitness buffs.

Our client at British Heart Foundation got in touch and asked for urgent help with their brand new running product, MyMarathon. A competitor agency was struggling to deliver on the creative, so we had a small window of opportunity to snatch the work.

We pulled together a razor-sharp team of top creatives, including copywriters, designers and filmmakers, and punched out a brand new campaign execution in just a few days. Our Account Management team then juggled the design & build of a complex campaign microsite, alongside asset roll out across a wide mix of media, resulting in a simple yet effective Top 20 Mass Participation Event. The result? One extremely happy client and a £1m fundraising product in year one.


With the events market place becoming so crowded and time-poor supporters looking for easy ways to engage with charities, it’s critical to adapt and provide new opportunities for them to fundraise. Virtual events offer a cost-effective way to attract new supporters and provide new experiences for existing ones, by tapping into digital trends and online lifestyle behaviours.

At Killer Creative we know what it takes to create a successful virtual challenge event. We worked with British Heart Foundation to create MyMarathon, which raised over £1m in its first year and became the first virtual event to make it into the top 20 mass participation events of 2017. As an innovations company we are very proud of this achievement, and using our event framework and extensive experience, we can guide you on the best ways to invest to ensure maximum return.

We can manage every step of the process – from insight development and ideas generation workshops, to market testing, creative, landing page design and build, and full campaign roll out.


When it comes to creative, we start by thinking about audience motivations. What are we asking people to do, what can we give them, and how do we engage with maximum impact to influence their behaviour enough to sign-up and raise funds. We might be targeting a beginner runner who needs a little boost to get them out of the door each day, or an experienced cyclist looking to push themselves mentally and physically. By hooking into the audience’s mindset, we craft attention-grabbing campaigns that motivate and inspire supporters.


These events are usually self-motivated, so the customer journey is extra important when it comes to boosting remittance rates and increasing average gifts. Digital platforms provide so much opportunity when it comes to creating an engaging journey. By using technology such as APIs and widgets connected to sites like Strava, we create a seamless experience: driving interaction, competitiveness, sharing and most importantly, significant fundraising.

What our clients say

Leah Mates

Fundraising Projects Manager “Killer Creative have been a dream to work with. I’ve worked with many agency’s over the last 10 years as a fundraiser and what has struck me the most with Killer, is the huge amount of creativity, energy and genuine enthusiasm they have had throughout the development and delivery of DECHOX. What I have valued greatly is that they have at times challenged our decisions – and backed their recommendations up with evidence and stats. And whilst we haven’t always agreed, this has by no means affected the high quality of work they have delivered or our working relationship. They’ve turned around a huge amount of work in a short space of time and gone above and beyond the briefed-for work. I really couldn’t recommend them enough”
720k Raised in Year 1 19k Sign ups