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Gary Milton

Creative Director | Owner

Who he?

Gary Milton

What do

Creative Director

Where been

Has 30 years experience in the advertising and design industry, providing creative solutions and innovation ideas for the likes of British Heart Foundation, Virgin Holidays, UNICEF, News International and TUI. The last 8 years Gary has helped create, produce and take to market many successful fundraising products for some of the UK’s most ambitious charities.

Why that

“The best band name. Ever. Changed the face of music forever with just one album. But more importantly, they challenged everything they were told and never accepted anything at face value. Which in the 70s, seemed like a pretty good idea to this disillusioned schoolboy.”

Who cares

Gary regularly competes in Endurance Mountain Bike Riding events in Britain and Europe. He also holds the European all-comers record for having the most mountain bikes stolen.