Day For Change


UNICEF UK approached us to help reinvigorate Day for Change, an existing campaign that’s been running for 25 years. They asked Killer to give it a new lease of life, with fresh new creative and strategic thinking for 2016.

Previously a schools-only fundraising product, UNICEF UK also wanted to refine the proposition and open the campaign out to wider audiences, including individual supporters, community and religious groups.

The work:

Historically, Day for Change has encouraged school children to do something different for the day, while they learn about UNICEF’s work.

However, in order to achieve key objectives of reaching wider audiences and encouraging higher levels of fundraising, Killer recommended a simple and more focused proposition, with a straightforward call to action: to collect and donate your loose change, on 13th May 2016.

UNICEF’s brand marketing is very heart-felt and image-led, so we created something distinctly different, using an impactful and bright illustrative style in the master ads. This gives Day for Change stand-out against other communications materials, and provides a sense of playfulness to capture people’s attention.

The charity still wanted the campaign to have an educational element, to help teach audiences about their services. So we developed headlines using a variety of cause-related messages, to reinforce the reasons to take part.

As part of the project, Killer also provided a full marketing and media strategy. This included new ideas for the customer journey across a range of communications channels, with messaging recommendations for various stages throughout the campaign lifecycle.

As part of the roll-out, we generated a range of collateral to support the campaign, including a fundraising pack with stickers, a totaliser poster and event posters, plus teaching materials for early years, primary and secondary schools.

We also created marketing materials including emails, press and facebook ads, as well as promotional tools for participants, such as social profile pictures and certificates.


- 2015 – original campaign raised £130k
- 2016 – with Killer's re-work creative and customer journey raised £445k (that includes and aid match)


- 2015: original campaign, 2000 sign ups – conversion rate was 20%

- 2016: with Killer's re-work creative and customer journey raised 1400 sign ups – conversion rate was 50%

Here’s what our client has to say:

“I’ve worked with Killer Creative over a couple of campaigns, and the thought processes, the understanding of the challenge, and the quality of the creative has never been in question. They bring an energy to a project, and often take ideas in new and unexpected directions. The look and feel at once met our brand requirements, but also stretched it to be engaging and different. Their recommendations are based on experience and market insight, which really helped us focus our product. If you’re looking for an agency to spruce up your product, taking it to the next level, I’d recommend Killer.”
Community Development Manager, Unicef