Unicef UK planned to launch a new fundraising product. The idea was developed from audience insight and had been prototyped. Their aim was to pilot in summer 2018 in order to understand whether to roll out full scale in 2019. They needed a creative agency who could turn the product concept into an engaging execution to test.

The product is a sponsored virtual walking challenge, where the fundraiser covers a distance every day for a week, relative to a child’s daily walk to find water. They track their distance using a smart phone or other device. There is also the option to carry water or weights whilst they walk, which again relates to what the children are having to endure. Stewardship elements were used to enhance the link between the fundraiser and the child’s journey.

The brief

Create a sponsored virtual walking challenge, where the fundraiser covers an allotted distance every day for a week, relating to a child’s daily walk to collect water, with the following objectives:
Primary objective - A scalable, sustainable mass fundraising product which raises significant funds for Unicef UK.
Secondary objective – Engaging audiences who are warm to Unicef in a new way, by encouraging them to support Unicef through fundraising

The product targeted an urban audience, aged between 25-45, already warm to Unicef and global causes. This audience are doers and organisers who seek opportunities to take tangible action to support causes they care about.

Part of the overall brief was to create a name and a creative look to the campaign that would engage the target audience, give the product standout and make it interesting and to acquire sign-ups. The campaign needed to be product driven, but also sensitive to the cause at the same time.

The work

The end result was a punchy, bold and direct advertising and marketing campaign based on various footwear, using water bottles as the legs. The look is striking, engaging and relevant to both the product and the cause. This tied in perfectly with the name ‘Water Walk’ which we also produced.

Elements to the campaign
Strengthen the proposition
Creative development
Creative assets
Master adverts
Online display adverts
Create and produce online film


Pilot launched August 2018