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Killer’s Top 10 Charity Christmas Campaigns 2020

Well, it’s been one hell of a year for the third sector and where some charities have come out of it with more support than ever, there are just as many who have really struggled. The festive period is usually a peak in the year when it comes to giving, but in 2020 – who knows?! There seem to be less charity films and appeals this Christmas, likely due to tight budgets and focused spending on services, but there are still some great examples out there to inform and inspire.

One theme we’ve noticed is that many are focusing on telling personal stories from real people and service users, making the cause of the charity more tangible and compelling viewers to give their support. Here, we’ve rounded up our top 10 – which ones are your favourites?…


Remember Me? | The Big Issue

The Big Issue’s first-ever Christmas appeal – a highly-relevant campaign during this year of national lockdowns and social distancing, it’s hard not to think of the Big Issue vendors we’re so used to regularly seeing in the streets and how they’ve lost their source of income. A reminder to all not to forget them and continue to support the organisation however you can.


Change the Tale | Dog’s Trust

Taking a different angle this festive season, for 2020 Dog’s Trust are focusing not on why people are getting pets as Christmas gifts but where they’re actually getting them from. This animation highlights the sad reality of puppy farming and illegal importation, encouraging prospective buyers to carefully research where they’re getting their new furry friend from.


Merry Christmas | Go North West for Wood Street Mission

A lovely, heartwarming regional campaign for Wood Street Mission, a fantastic charity that has supported families in Manchester & Salford for over 150 years. We love this one as it’s so simple but effective, showing that you don’t need to spend a fortune on filming or animations to create an impactful fundraising video.


Casper’s Magical Journey | Cats Protection

We absolutely love this uplifting true story shown through beautiful animation of a young boy being reunited with his missing cat. A lovely way of showcasing what Cats Protection do, with mum being voiced by Holly Willoughby.


No One Should Have No One | Age UK

Just one example of a selection of touching stories Age UK are sharing this Christmas to shine a light on the hundreds of thousands of elderly people who’ll be lonely this festive period, and how supporting the charity can help ensure there’s someone for them to talk to.


Christmas Appeal | St Barnabas House

At a time of year when family is so important, this film really hits home. A heartbreaking story of loss, but one that showcases just how important and impactful the work of hospices like St Barnabas House is for families.


Together Against Hunger | Oxfam

All over the news this year we’ve been shown how the current pandemic has affected people and businesses across the UK. This poignant film gives us an insight into the severe impact of COVID-19 on communities overseas relying on charities like Oxfam to feed their families.


Unstuffed Bears | Dole for Save the Children, Feeding America, Children’s Wishing Well, Kids Can & The Nippon Foundation

American food company, Dole, have produced this ad in collaboration with a number of charities to highlight the plight of hungry children this Christmas through the metaphor of stuffed teddy bears. A simple but impactful campaign, it’s up there for us.


Home For Christmas | GOSH

Another wonderful animation, we love this magical story of Great Ormand Street Hospital bringing children home to their families for Christmas, bringing some normality and joy into the lives of sick children. The real footage at the end just makes it for us!


A Thing Called Hope | The Children’s Society

Illustrating how powerful and important hope is for children, this story of a young boy struggling with family difficulties and peer pressure emphasises just how crucial the work of charities like The Children’s Society is in providing specialist support for young people at risk.


So there you have it! Our top 10…any you think we’ve missed? Want to let us know what you think?: