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Love Charity’ from Killer Creative. A research initiative

At Killer our mission is to double the amount of money donated to Charites from UK citizens –  from the current .4% of GDP
The background to this mission is that we believe the UK loves charity. It is this love for charities and their causes which drives the desire to support and give money. But we sense that this has come under fire recently and love for the charity world has changed. To a greater or lesser extent – all have been affected.
This represents a challenge and opportunity for all.
We are commissioning an extensive research study through You Gov to quantify this effect and explore the opportunities it represents. In addition, it will help give direction as to what charities need to do to build on the love for them and improve their fundraising effectiveness.
We are approaching specific charities – at least one in each sector, to see if they would like to be involved in this research (at no cost)– to input into the study and have access to the findings prior to release.
The research will provide not just topical talking points but will also be helpful in identifying and creating new streams of support.
The core findings will be published on June 25th – a preview will be available on the 19th June.