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Research & Insight

For any fundraising campaign or mass participation event to be successful, an understanding of the target audience(s), their motivations and the wider fundraising market is crucial. It’s a good thing, then, that we know how to do just that. It can also be very helpful to conduct testing mid-development to narrow down options and give direction to a campaign, whether that be regarding the ask, messaging or creative. In other words, our work is never done – we are constantly challenging and creating, ensuring that our clients’ campaigns hit hard. There are a number of ways that Killer can support you with this:

• Desk research

• Tele-depth (phone interviews)

• Focus groups (in-person & online)

• Surveys & questionnaires

• 1-2-1 interviews

• Reviewing client data (e.g. supporter database, campaign results, survey outputs)


Clare Moore

Head of Strategic Marketing Communications “The Dryathlon 2013 campaign has gone beyond all our
expectations. The tone of voice was spot on and the results
are testimony to Killer’s creativity, not to mention their
understanding of the core insights of the research document
and their memorable interpretation of the brief. It’s a fantastic
achievement for a year 0 campaign.”
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