On the Dry


The Irish Heart Foundation needed a creative agency to develop the overall strategy and produce a new creative campaign for its On the Dry mass participation event.  The proposition is to give up alcohol for January, and get sponsored to raise funds for the charity.

The work:

Killer developed a new strategy for On the Dry using our expertise in the area of mass participation fundraising. We gave the campaign a new focus and a fresh new look, ensuring the proposition would be clearly communicated in the creative.
We had a short time to turn the creative around, and this meant a photo shoot using models wasn’t feasible. We therefore came up with a concept that would intrigue the audience, using the juxtaposition of cocktails and teacups, and other soft drinks disguised as alcoholic beverages.
The target audience for the campaign was young ABC1 women, however the customer journey needed to be inclusive and relevant to men and women. We provided a range of ideas for the supporter journey, then the campaign deliverables were split between the Killer team and the in house communications team.
Killer rolled out the creative across various online and offline assets, and also looked after media buying. This included a huge scope of advertising covering digital display, social, outdoor and radio, as well as an array of BTL collateral.
We even produced a tongue in cheek alcohol-free January survival kit, which was sent out to key bloggers and influencers, as a fun way to generate PR around the campaign.

The results:

Year on year sign-ups increased by 80% with each participant donating, on average, over €100 and the total amount raised was more than doubled from the previous year.