Based on some existing audience insight, the RSPCA was looking for a new, innovative way to engage one of their core audiences, the over 55s.

The charity wanted to develop a product that tests certain assumptions about this audience e.g. over 55s prefer donating cash then giving through direct debits, ultimately increasing their cash file and providing a bespoke ask to this key audience group.

The brief

The RSPCA needed an agency to design and deliver a direct marketing asset, in this case a door-drop, targeting the over 55s with a cash ask to help care for older animals.

The work

Building on the urgent need for the RSPCA to gather donations for older animals, and the chosen audience group, Killer Creative unified the audience and the ask into one overarching creative proposition - 'the Golden Oldies: they're old but pure gold'.
This approach enabled Killer to design a direct marketing campaign that felt like a personal ask to each supporter, but which crucially still retained mass appeal.
Through clever use of imagery, and an engaging story from a current centre manager, the campaign delivers a powerful and affecting call to action that promotes a positive response, rather than simply looking for sympathy or pity. 
This approach will deliver a more sustainable return for the RSPCA, as the charity will be able to refresh the campaign year on year with new 'hero animals' at its core.


Launched in March 2018, around 10,000 RSPCA supporters will receive the Golden Oldies mailer.
Digital assets will re-enforce campaign messaging periodically as per the RSPCA's internal timetable.

Elements to the campaign

Proposition Development
Creative Development
Asset Production

Creative Assets

Master adverts
Facebook Ads
Creative copy