Wear It Wild


We partnered with WWF on the second year of their ‘Wear It Wild’ event. The event has a simple proposition: to dress up as an animal and raise funds. We were asked to market to affluent families, people in the workplace, individuals, schools, plus Scout and Girl Guide groups.

The work:

Killer’s role was to come up with a strategy for year 2 of the campaign as well as rework the creative look and feel.

This meant new messaging with creative and humorous headlines, aimed at specific audiences, all created to encourage people to dress up and have fun on May 27th. We also managed the production of a studio photo shoot including model selection, post-production, prop management and delivery.

The rollout of the campaign was extensive with a range of audiences being targeted, from schools to offices. We produced fundraising materials as well as digital and print ads in various formats.

As part of the roll out we also developed a fully fledged micro site with a number of pages and a comprehensive suite of downloads that catered to the different audiences that might take part. Other marketing collateral consisted of online digital banners, merchandise, event posters, B2B and B2C press advertising, face painting and bunting templates, plus the look and feel for email marketing.